Ashley Hall

Ashley Hall is a jewel in the heart of downtown Charleston. But it’s not our historic buildings and oak-canopied grounds that make our campus so special. It’s our students. And our exceptional program and faculty. And the vibrant learning community that together they create. Ashley Hall is a community that challenges, celebrates and supports young women at every stage of their education. Explore this section to learn more about our mission, our history, and our vision for the girls of the 21st century and beyond.

From its founding by Mary Vardrine McBee in 1909, Ashley Hall has remained faithful to its original mission: To produce educated women who are independent, ethically responsible, and prepared to meet the challenges of society with confidence.

This mission is realized in everything we do, from campus traditions to our innovative curricula and teaching philosophy. It inspires both faculty and students to engage in a vitally enriching educational community.

From boys 2 years to 5 years and girls 2 years to twelfth grade, our curricula, instructional methods, co-curricular programs, and facilities are designed to foster, in all of our students, at every stage of their development, those qualities of mind and character implicit in that mission statement.

For more than a hundred years, Ashley Hall has championed the power of an all girls’ education. We believe every student should have the ability to fully participate in the best educational experience possible, connect her knowledge to the world around her, and gain the ability to lead with confidence and conviction.

As the only all-girls private school in South Carolina–Ashley Hall is uniquely positioned. Our exceptional program is intentionally tailored to the way girls learn best—through collaboration, discussion, and individualized attention. Our program provides the best independent private school experience for all of our students.

We are a community of students, faculty, parents, and alumnae that encourages each Ashley Hall girl to become the very best version of herself.





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