Santiago Canyon College

What Happens Here Matters.

Ask anyone what they want their future to look like and more often than not they’ll have an idea – a successful career, getting into a four-year university, moving up in life. But how many know what daily choices to make to actually get there? At SCC, we help you through the daily moments that matter most. Each day, each moment, each step counts. Your future is important. What you do each day to get there is more important.

Santiago Canyon College is a dynamic award-winning Southern California Community College within the Rancho Santiago Community College District. From our founding, Santiago Canyon College’s inclusive community continues to redefine the truly student-focused experience. Diverse programs and certification paths, proven transfer successes, and accessible state of the art facilities are just the beginning to us. Attending SCC empowers the individual student to seek the opportunities they deserve and desire, right here, right now.

We start each day by asking a simple question – what can today bring? Proven transfer paths, clear steps toward Associate of Science and Associate of Arts degrees as well as Associate Degrees for Transfer, a wide variety of career technical education certificate programs, engaging adult learning, rich community service opportunities, business skills to stand out – it all happens here every day.

It’s our belief that what you seek later in life is just as important as what you choose to do today. That’s why SCC celebrates what happens here – every course, every lecture, every test, every conversation, every achievement – every day an opportunity we never pass up.