Silver Stream Public School

The mission of Silver Stream P.S. is a place where people of all ages work and grow together, experience the joy of learning, and develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge necessary to be life-long learners, informed decision makers, and contributing members of society.

At Silver Stream Public School, we envision our school as being dynamic, purposeful, and inviting, where the learning of our students is our primary focus.

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Silver Stream Public School officially opened in 2002. The school was named by students to recognize a significant local geographic feature, Silver Stream. A nearby farm, Silver Stream Farms, once provided the community with a place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and was well known for its apple orchards.

Silver Stream houses approximately 625 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 in the regular and special education programs. The Junior and Senior Kindergarten early years program is a full day/every day program. In 2010, Silver Stream opened a community class program for gifted students from neighbouring schools. The gifted program includes students from grades 4 to 8.

Our school motto is “Set your Goals. Reach for Your Dreams” and our school mascot is the Falcon.


A large double gym and library are available for student programs. In 2013, with the support of the Silver Stream parent community, an outdoor classroom was created to provide an outdoor learning environment.

The following beliefs guide and sustain our Mission and Vision:

  • that individuals learn and work best in an environment that is caring, challenging, and safe;
  • that all individuals should be encouraged and supported to develop their potential through a variety of learning opportunities;
  • that the unique contributions and achievements of individuals should be fostered and recognized;
  • that individuals should be encouraged to assume responsibilities and be accountable for their actions;
  • that our policies, practices, and procedures should reflect equitable opportunities for all;
  • that cooperative partnerships among students, staff, trustees, parents, community and government enhance purposeful working relationships;
  • that classroom practices should encourage students to be active/interactive learners who are self-motivated, self-directed problem solvers;
  • that our students should acquire the basic knowledge and skills necessary to comprehend and express ideas through words, numbers, and symbols;
  • that our programs should promote a commitment to life-long learning, physical well-being, a sense of worth, and an appreciation for the Arts and Sciences;
  • that our programs should promote an understanding of the interdependence between local and global issues; and
  • that staff development is an on-going process which promotes optimal learning opportunities for students.