Auguston Traditional Elementary

Auguston Traditional Elementary School is an alternate program operating within the public school system. The prescribed curriculum and regulations of the British Columbia Ministry of Education, Skills, and Training are followed, with an emphasis on a consistent, structured approach to instruction. Clearly defined standards of academic achievement and behaviour characterize the school’s approach.

Mission Statement
At Auguston Traditional Elementary School we will endeavour to:

  • empower children to become contributing, productive citizens through a consistent, structured environment
  • provide a nurturing environment to encourage children to develop their individual potential and the confidence to achieve their goals
  • emphasize basic skills and the achievement of curricular outcomes in an environment based on the traditional values of citizenship, responsibility, and respect
  • ensure a shared sense of mission and purpose among staff, parents, and students

School Focus
1. Establish a strong and consistent focus on the “Traditional” methods of instruction which include:

  • a major focus on content and skills development
  • emphasis on all aspects of language development including phonics, spelling grammar, and whole language
  • differentiation of subjects with some coordination between topics
  • prescribed scope and sequence
  • standardized tests with authentic (performance) assessment
  • letter grades (in grades 4 and 5) with purposeful anecdotal reporting
  • direct instruction combined with some active and cooperative learning
  • competition through academic achievement, citizenship, and athletic awards
  • teacher role as supervisor of learners
  • professional, collegial and collaborative relationships

2. Set high goals of academic achievement, and encourage a sense of educational commitment and purpose.
3. Establish a regular homework policy and schedule.
4. Establish a clearly defined code of behaviour.
5. Encourage a parental sense of mission and purpose. Encourage parental involvement, with the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) taking an advisory role in aspects pertaining to education.
6. Create a team approach of home and school working together.
7. Establish a safe and enjoyable school environment for all students.
8. Operate under a catchment policy with priority given to students living within the Auguston development.
9. Promote school spirit and encourage a positive learning environment through supporting a school dress code.



British Columbia