Guelph University

Originally built in 1879 as a carriage house for the principal of the Ontario Agricultural College, the building now known as Alumni House was moved from a central campus location in 1930 to make room for Johnston Hall. Wings were added to both ends and the enlarged structure was home for the college’s flock of sheep for the next 37 years. When the flock was transferred to the New Liskeard Research Station, the barn was used to store research equipment.
The metamorphosis from rough animal shelter to modern office building and meeting place began in 1978. The Ontario Agricultural College Alumni Association cleaned the building, installed electricity and water and held auctions, corn roasts and occasional meetings there until 1984.

An excellent example of board and batten, timber-framed rural architecture, Alumni House was designated as a building of historical and architectural interest by the City of Guelph in 1984. Two years later, construction began on a new interior and an addition designed by Toronto architects Moffat Kinoshita Associates Inc. Funding for the project was raised through the Alma Mater Fund, the University of Guelph Alumni Association, each college alumni association and the University administration. Alumni House opened in the spring of 1987.

Alumni and friends of the University came forward again in 1995 to support a landscaping and beautification project around the front entrance of the building.

Unique in its design and concept, the former carriage house remains an exceptional example of the co-operative and creative spirit of Guelph alumni, who seized the opportunity to turn a piece of campus heritage into a permanent invitation for University of Guelph graduates to maintain a relationship to their alma mater.

Alumni House is a visible reminder of the important role alumni play in the everyday life of the University of Guelph and it serves as the headquarters for the University’s Department of Alumni Affairs & Development.


Improve Knowledge

Our research at the University of Guelph improves life. We explore, we innovate, we invent, we educate; we create new knowledge that crosses natural, artificial and social boundaries to produce solutions that both protect and enlighten the eco-system of sustainable living. From how we feed the world to how we prosper and co-exist abroad and here at home, we will challenge the status quo and improve upon it.

Improve Learning

The University of Guelph is one of Canada’s leading innovation and comprehensive postsecondary institutions. Because there are no single solutions to the world’s challenges, we educate and learn across disciplines. We learn through collaboration. Our students are better prepared for whatever the future holds as a result.

Undergraduate and graduate studies, co-op education, open learning and international learning, the flexibility to tailor learning to the personal aspirations of everyone who studies and explores here: How we continuously improve learning and education improves life for our students, faculty, staff and in the context of our collective futures.

Improve Your Network

There are over 140,000 U of G alumni around the world. The number grows by about 5,000 every year. This is our extended community of achievers. This is your network of like-minded Gryphons who are shaping a better world through their pursuits in just about every walk of life, research and work imaginable.

As Alumni, graduates share events, activities and opportunities to benefit directly. They also give back. Alumni gifts help us continue the work that you start here on campus.

To improve life is our shared challenge. What role are you playing: locally, nationally and internationally? Share your stories with us. Let’s tell the world about the University of Guelph together.

Improve Living

Over 24,000 students learn at the University of Guelph every year. More than 800 faculty teach here every year. More than 1,800 research projects to improve life in a variety of capacities are currently underway.

Yet what the numbers don’t capture is how we live while we’re here and after we leave. Our students, faculty and staff are engaged. They are passionate about being here. We are equally passionate about educating the whole person to shape better citizens of the world.

That has been our focus for over 150 years: life, living, always improving.

Improve Opportunities

When you become a U of G staff or faculty member, you join a community of dedicated people whose abilities, skills and actions provide essential support for the teaching and research activities for which the University is nationally recognized. Join our community and share our purpose – to Improve Life in a capacity that fits your skills and aspirations.