The Gilbert School

The Gilbert School is a privately endowed secondary school that serves as the public high school for the town of Winchester, Connecticut. The school was founded in 1895 as the result of the bequest of William L. Gilbert who, in his will, made provision for the “establishment and maintenance of an institution of learning to be known as The Gilbert School.”

The Gilbert School has a long and distinguished reputation of offering outstanding educational opportunities to the high school students of Winchester and Hartland, and beginning in 2011, middle school students as well. Now into our second century as a deeply committed educational institution, that legacy of excellence continues unabated.

To those who know us, Gilbert is uniquely wonderful—steeped in tradition, yet providing cutting-edge education for students who must be prepared to take part in the global community of the 21st century. As true today as when this school was founded in 1895, a gift of William L. Gilbert to the community he loved, we continue to nurture, serve, guide, and teach our students, giving them the skills needed to face their future. The Gilbert School is priceless.





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